Founded in 1982, Telemanagement Resources International Inc. (TRI) is an organization of individuals who are consultants with expertise in diverse areas. Each member of the TRI team has proven experience providing effective telecommunications, marketing, and training counsel to clients in business, education, and government worldwide.

Our service can be symbolized by the three inter-connecting sides of a triangle, each of which represents one area of our practice (communications, marketing, and training). The three sides meet to signify how our skills in each area reinforce our skills in the other two. By structuring our management consulting services in this way, we believe we are best equipped to handle our clients’ needs.

The combination of functional and industry specializations provides a strong base of skills and experience with which to serve our clients. We think you will find our expertise and approach uniquely effective.

Areas of Concentration

  • Conferencing & Collaborative Communications – audioconferencing, web/data collaboration, videoconferencing, telepresence  and unified communications
  • Market Research & Strategic Planning — end user surveys, focus groups
  • Training – course development and delivery

What TRI Can Do For You
Whether you are a multinational corporation, high-tech start-up firm, educational institution, or U.S. government agency, TRI offers you many benefits:

Improve Implementation and Usage of Technology. TRI can help you assess, design and implement technology to meet your organizations’ needs.

Increase Productivity. TRI can help your organization utilize technology to help reduce unproductive travel time, allow for immediate information exchange, and time-share scarce talent. The result allows you to have more hours each day to be productive.

Increase Revenues and Profits. Our goal is to have a direct, positive impact on your bottom line.

Reduce Your Time To Market. TRI can help you launch new products and services, quickly and efficiently, so you can maximize revenues and profitability. We work in the areas of product/service design, competitive assessment, market & business planning, and distribution channel evaluation and selection.

Reduce Market Entry Risks. Our extensive experience in performing challenging projects and constant exposure in the marketplace allows our clients to get to market more quickly and efficiently, thus reducing overall expenses and increasing revenue.

Promote and Train More Quickly. TRI can work with you to promote your products and services and train your personnel and customers using technology to link people together more efficiently.