Telemanagement Resources International Inc. (TRI) offers expertise in the design, development and delivery of training courses tailored to meet a specific client need.

Studies have shown that the most successful technology systems are the ones in which continuous promotions and training take place.  Lack of proper training is a major reason why many technologies have failed to be adequately utilized.

Typically, equipment vendors and room integrators offer excellent maintenance training and a basic course emphasizing system operation.  It is recommended, that in addition to these types of training, courses emphasizing applications development, benefits, successful implementation, and ongoing usage be offered.

For many clients, TRI custom designs training to meet specific technology needs. Our focus is on the conferencing, unified communications, and collaboration industries.

TRI also offers three packaged courses related to videoconferencing. These are already developed courses to be given in person or via videoconferencing.  Each course lasts 1 ½ – 2 hours in length, depending on number of attendees and level of questions asked.  Course titles include: User Introduction To Videoconferencing, Developing Successful Applications, and Videoconferencing Implementation. 

TRI also offers Sales Training courses including Presentation Skills, Telemarketing, and Selling in the Videoconferencing & UC Market. All sales training focuses on teaching salespeople from a customer perspective. Examples of completed projects are course development and delivery of sales training for several videoconferencing vendors; teletraining for a Fortune 50 company; and telemarketing training for a major telecommunications carrier.